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LaSalle Catholic College is situated in Bankstown and is run in the tradition of St John Baptist de la Salle.

Founded in 1999 to offer a catholic education to students of the Bankstown area, the school is rich in history, tradition, faith and quality teaching and learning. The College offers education to boys from Year 7 through to HSC in Year 12 and will commence co-education in 2016 with the intake of girls into Year 7.

A welcome addition to the staff at LaSalle is Ms Leonie Dowd as Director of Transition.  Ms Dowd brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the education of girls having been Assistant Principal at MacKillop Catholic Girls College at Wakeley and All Saints Catholic Girls College at Liverpool.

Please contact Ms Dowd on 02 9793 5600 for further information regarding Coeducation in 2016.

The College is part of a system of 151 schools under the Archdiocese of Sydney and administered by the Catholic Education Office, Sydney.

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