Gifted Education in practice at LaSalle

Gifted Education in practice at LaSalle

Gifted Education in practice at LaSalle

  • Learning in Depth Program

The Learning in Depth (LiD) program is an innovative, contemporary pedagogy offered to students in the Newman and Solomon Classes at LaSalle Catholic College. These highly capable students are encouraged to embrace their natural curiosity and develop independent study projects related to a unique topic selected at the outset of the course. As students become increasingly aware of the complexities and depths of their chosen field, they produce impressive artefacts of their learning and present these in portfolios consisting of spoken, multimedia and digital texts.

  • Co-curricular Opportunities

Table-top Gaming: students meet to create gaming pieces, discuss and implement strategies, and enjoy the company of like-minded peers.

Debating & Public Speaking: Students in Stages 4 & 5 participate in Catholic Schools Debating Association.

LaSalle Writers’ Shield: An annual school based competition open to all students. Each year the best entries are collated and published in an anthology of student work.

Links with Universities: The College facilitates students entering short term enrichment programs with the University of NSW, University of Sydney, Macquarie University and Western Sydney University.

  • Social and Emotional Support

LaSalle Catholic College recognises that many gifted students have unique social and emotional needs different to those of their chronological age-peers, and provide a number of support services and interventions to nurture these students’ growth and assist with their holistic development.

Nurturing Catholic Environment

A fundamental tenet of Catholic education is the provision of a nurturing and supportive learning environment for all students. LaSalle Catholic College is fiercely devoted to achieving this ideal and providing each of the students entrusted to our care with the best possible education in the most welcoming and supportive environment. This care for the individual child sets us apart from other systems.

Junior Reading Project

Many gifted students and that their maturing social needs are not met by their chronological age-peers, and for those students the College has designed and implemented the Junior Reading Project. This initiative provides a number of gifted students from Stages 4 and 5 with the opportunity to join together in like- ability peer-support groups to discuss and respond to a range of social justice issues examined in modern literature. This helps these students to develop an outward-looking perspective on important social issues and provides them with peer-mentoring opportunities.

Peer networking

In line with the increased social needs of gifted learners, LaSalle Catholic College seeks out opportunities for our students to make connections with like- minded peers both within our own school community and across the network of Sydney Catholic Schools.