Enrolment at LaSalle

The College follows the Archdiocesan Enrolment Policy. The policy has been developed in the context of government and system requirements.

Children from all families who are prepared to support Catholic ideals and principles may be considered eligible for enrolment. Priority for enrolment is given in a specified order as outlined in the full policy document, however special consideration may be given to individual cases. All parents are provided with an enrolment package that includes Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) and school policy statements. The College fees include the Archdiocesan tuition fee, the parish school levy and local fees and charges. A pastoral approach is adopted for parents experiencing genuine difficulty with the payment of fees.

The traditional points of entry for students at LaSalle Catholic College are Year 7 and Year 11.

Enrolments are accepted at other year levels if vacancies exist. Priority in enrolment into Year 7 is given to those students attending the regional “feeder” Catholic Primary Schools. The five primary schools are St Felix de Valois, Bankstown; St Brendan’s, Central Bankstown; St John Vianney, Greenacre; Christ the King, Bass Hill and St Mary’s, Georges Hall.

When should I enrol my son/daughter?

It is advisable to enrol your child as early as possible in the year before they commence. May is the traditional “enrolment period” for Catholic Systemic Schools. Please note that enrolment applications are only valid when accompanied by:

  • a copy of the birth certificate;
  • a Baptismal certificate;
  • a copy of the most recent school report;
  • for parents born overseas a certified copy of citizenship, qualifying VISA or passport;
  • a copy of Year 5 NAPLAN Results;
  • for students with Special Educational Needs, a copy of any supporting documentation;
  • application fee ($100.00).

Student Information and Transition Days

Parent Information evenings for enrolled students are held during the year in Terms 2,3 and 4. To ensure a smooth transition to the College, new students are assisted by way of Transition Days which are held in Term 4.

Conditions of Enrolment

Parents who wish their sons/daughters to be educated at this College and students themselves are asked to read the following:

  • LaSalle Catholic College is a Catholic school in which education in faith has a privileged position. All students take part in the Religious Education program of the College. In Year 11 and 12, students undertake either Catholic Studies or Studies of Religion. The College also provides other opportunities for development in faith; class and College Masses, class prayer, retreats and reflection days. Ideally the work of the College in this regard is based upon home life and supported by it;
  • respect, tolerance, forgiveness, fairness, truth and honesty are hallmarks of a Lasallian school and as such, an essential part of College life;
  • College authority extends from the time a student leaves home until they arrive home again. Any actions of students that brings the College into disrepute will be dealt with as a disciplinary matter;
  • the College reserves the right to inspect lockers, bags, etc. If deemed necessary, illegal and prohibited goods will be confiscated;
  • regular and punctual attendance at College and at all lessons is expected;
  • students need to remember that they are representatives of the College as they travel to and from school.They should be careful that their behaviour reflects high personal standards that should be typical of LaSalle students. As well as obeying any laws which are applicable, students should also remember to observe traditional rules of politeness;
  • co-curricular activities are an important part of the College’s overall program. Students are enrolled at LaSalle Catholic College on the understanding that they join in sports, camps, excursions, reflection and retreat days, celebrations such as Founder’s Day and other such activities that may be decided by the College;
  • students who have the ability and fitness to represent the College in sport will do so cheerfully as one way of building up school spirit and co-operation. Attendance at scheduled training sessions is compulsory;
  • students are required to wear the College uniform while at school, travelling to and from school and when representing the College. The uniform must be worn tidily at all times;
  • boys:  Hair must be clean, tidy, clear of the face and, in length, not below the shirt collar line. Extremes in style are not permitted and could lead to boys being sent home;
  • girls:  Girls with hair below the shoulders must have their hair tied back with a green or black ribbon. No make-up, no earrings (only plain studs and sleepers allowed) and no rings or bracelets. No jewellery is to be visible. No nail polish or acrylic nails;
  • students will participate in fundraising activities;
  • acceptance of College guidelines and discipline is an essential condition of enrolment. These are outlined in the Prospectus and the Student Diary.