The Angelus Prayer

The LaSalle community pauses at noon each day to pray ‘The Angelus‘ together and allows time to reflect upon God’s gifts to us and how we too can say our own ‘yes’ to God.

Festive occasions such as feast days are lively celebrations of our identity as a Catholic community.

In proclaiming the Gospel, LaSalle Catholic College strives to make known the values and teachings of Jesus Christ. St John Baptist de la Salle was convinced that touching the hearts of our students and inspiring them with the Christian spirit is the greatest miracle a Catholic school can perform.

Hence, we offer all students opportunities to explore, develop, nurture, live and celebrate their faith through:

  • Religious Education program
  • Daily prayer
  • Feast days
  • Eucharist
  • Reconciliation
  • Lasallian Youth Leaders
  • Reflection Days
  • Retreats
  • Evangelisation Days
  • World Youth Day
  • Social Justice

Classroom religious education provides students with the knowledge and skills to engage in reflection upon faith, religion and spirituality.

There are regular opportunities for prayer, service and social justice. Students are encouraged to give active expression to their faith in everyday life by “doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

A significant prayer in the Catholic tradition is ‘The Angelus‘. This ancient prayer recalls the events of the Annunciation and honours Mary’s great ‘Yes’ to God.