Executive 2021

  • Mr Michael Egan, Principal
  • Ms Leonie Dowd, Assistant Principal
  • Mr Peter Strudwick, Religious Education Coordinator
  • Ms Jizella Akkari, Leader of Teaching & Learning
  • Mrs Bethany Davidson, Leader of Compass
  • Mr Adam Westwood, Leader of Pastoral Care
  • Mrs Margaret Phillips, Head of Trade Training & VET
  • Mrs Lisa Barnsley, Business Manager

College Executive

Role and Purpose

The role and purpose of the College Executive is to assist the Principal in providing effective and active leadership and animation of the whole College community.

The College Executive is the key decision making body of the College and advises the Principal on important decisions relating to the life and mission of the College.

Executive as a Team

While each member of the College Executive has his/her own role and responsibility, the members of the College Executive work collaboratively as a team, developing co-operative and professional relationships and providing practical, mutual support and encouragement.